Simplicity's Healing Services

Therapeutic Massage


Regular and Specialty Massage Modalities.  Simplicity's Signature and Best monthly programs are offered so one's healing journey commitment is more affordable.



Healing centered Therapeutic Yoga, with a focus on mind-body connection and opening of energy pathways for healing to begin. Simplicity's yoga program is small, client-focused and restorative, held only in small group classes or private 1-1 sessions.

Nature's Nurture


Nutrition Counseling and Essential Oil Healing.  Includes tailored Nutrition Plans & Custom Made "on the spot" Oil Blends,  tailored to each client's healing needs.

Empowerment Coaching


Life and Health Coaching.  Tools, inspiration and guidance given for  self-realization, clarity, and fearlessness, so that YOU, may live your BEST life!

Equine Therapy


Healing through Horses.  Horses are incredible creatures that have an intuitive nature of knowing exactly what it is we need.  They don't fear your emotions or insecurities, which makes them the ultimate teachers! 

Other Healing Services


Energy Work and Other Healing Services with Trish Antosz

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Massage Pricing

Yoga Pricing


Nature's Nurture Pricing

Empowerment Coaching Pricing

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Other Healing Service Pricing

Cancelation and No Show Policy

In the event an appointment must be canceled, we do ask for 24-hour notice from the time of your appointment or a late cancelation fee of $40 will be assessed. If you do not show for your appointment you will be charged the full appointment fee.

*A credit card is required at the time of initial booking*